This is how we create an Android app from 0

The first thing to mention is that we write these articles as we are still working on creating and improving the app. These series of articles will try to cover both the concept and the technical part.

The app is at the moment called Unbore Me!

First step

Creation requires ideas, or at very least problems to solve and that`s always our starting point. The concept behind Unbore Me was inspired by a random and annoying thing: one of us ran out of hot water as he was trying to take a shower.

The concept: if bad things can happen randomly and without being in our control, then how about taking all the good or funny things that can happen and let them be just as random? How about surprising ourselves with something good?

Second step: transform a concept into an actual Proof Of Concept App

We thought that it would be a good thing to validate somehow this idea and to see what other people think about it. So, the first step in doing that was to create a very basic version of the app that would show just the core functionality. A Proof Of Concept.

The UI is very simple right now. Just one button

For that, we took some links with funny content that we had saved on our bookmarks and added them into the app. When a user opens the app he sees a button and when he presses the button, the app will open a random link from the ones we added.

We tried to keep it as simple as possible by opening each one of the links in a WebView and on every press of the main app button a random link will be picked again (so no mechanism to guard against opening the same link twice). Maybe a mistake, even at this stage, as you will see later.

By doing that we learned, that it might take some time to open some links in a WebView and some links are not really great for opening inside an app. (For example, on opening a Youtube link, the sign-in dialog would pop up). But we decided to keep it as simple as possible and see what reactions we will get.

Random external link

Third step: collecting the first reactions and feedback

After we uploaded the app into Google Play Store, we sent it to some friends and of course, they had something to say even about things that were there just to prove how the app works, not to rock their world. 😂 But still, they all said useful things.

  • They did not like that the app was opening an external link
  • Even tho we told them it is just a test, a very simple draft, they complained that it was repetitive
  • They said they would like to have some categories from where they can pick: like quotes, reminders, food recipes
  • The name Unbore Me did not fit the experience they had using the app;

In the end, they said it is a really cool concept.

Now we ask you the same: What you think about the app and what we should improve next? Leave notes or comments.

Follow up Next

We have to think about how to solve:

  • Creating or importing a much bigger database
  • What categories the app should have
  • How to fit everything into a new UI



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