How we turned one idea into a Business

Here is Daniel, one of the co-founders of Ganduraci and its writer, content creator. Alongside my business partner and friend, Rares, who is an Android Developer, we decided to share with you our journey from idea to product.

We are from Romania and we are not older than 27.

Few years ago we were both on our own jobs and careers, trying to become our own bosses. Of course, on our own, we both failed :))

One afternoon, while I was reading The 4 Hour Work -Week, one simple question crossed my mind: What if I help Rares with his content and he helps me with all my technical problems?

10 minutes later I did asked him that question and almost 1 hour later we decided to create Ganduraci: to create our own app and national blog page.

If you chose to visit our site I doubt you will understand much unless you do speak Romanian.

Ganduraci is a word composed of 2 words: gandaci ( bugs) and ganduri ( thoughts). That makes us thinking bugs :D

But there is something that we do that you will find much more fun and relatable. As mentioned above, we create Android Apps.

The first app we created is called Habit Coach and in a retrospective way we created it because we never managed to do our homework(or achieve our goals) in time and by ourselves:))

Few Screens

Basically, it’s a habit and goal tracker, to which we add our personality through our inner app Coach. So inside the tracker there is a Coach that we generally call Alex, that will motivate you, give you habit and goal solution, tips, notifications and many more.

Let’s go back to our story now and have us tell you how we went from idea to product.

The idea belongs to Rares because he felt like people, in general, have a hard time managing all their responsibilities. There are lots of trackers on the internet and we did not wish to give the same basic futures so we did our best to push it further.

Maybe the most important question we tried to answer is:

How can someone keep improving himself as a person if he can`t find the time to think about which direction he or she wants to grow? — blind progress, as it still is progress, might at the end of the day be completely useless to your dreams.

And how can someone measure this time and progress?

That is why we created a habit tracker and added the Mood History- so it would be easy to track the habit or the goal for a large period of time but also to have guidance about how the user response emotionally to the effort.

Aren’t our feelings the only ones responsible for bringing us down?

To take it one more step further we divided life into few general categories as such: Relationship, Family, Money, Health, Work, Personal Development, Free Time. As did so, we created a chart that looks just like a Rainbow in which the user can estimate where he is and where he can grow.

  • as a future we intend to find a way to link the Rainbow to progress or regress automatically, according to your habits and moods.

In the last part, we focused on the Coach as it would become the centerpiece of our app.

Having someone to be next to you when your ar working hard or going through hard times is a very important aspect of each and everyone's progress. That is why the idea of a Coach, of a person to be close to the user. A Coach that can have an image, that can be every one the user needs the Coach to be, a Coach that is constant.

And least and not the last, a Coach that does its research and comes to your aid with the best way that leads to progress.

These are pretty much the basic concept and the way to transform the user needs and our ideas into futures in the app.

If you think Habit Coach sounds promising, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned! In the next article you will find out how we design the UI!

We are Android Developers.