Don’t you feel the need for a Habit Coach?

Tracking tools and apps for self-coaching

As soon as you log in by creating a new account (or log in with Google) you have the opportunity to quickly estimate some of the most important aspects of your life using a chart that we shaped like a Rainbow. Does aspects are: Relationship, Family, Health, Work, Personal Development, Free Time.

And a little secret> in a feature version we plan to make the Rainbow adapt automatically to your Habits, Moods and Goals.

Next, on the first screen of the app you can complete your profile by adding a picture and, if you prefer, set your Mantra.

Once you do that you will notice one of the features we talked about earlier: The Mood Bar.

We created this because we understand how important our feelings are, especially as they are the sole reason for our behavior.

Finally, you can start tracking your Habits and Goals by entering the Routines bar. There you can also start working with our Coach that will provide you with ideas and tips.

If you want to see how they work, go try the app: Habit Coach.

I hope we convinced you that we work so that we make things easier for you. If you have any suggestions or any feedback, we are glad to hear it out!

Now install the app and Start Improving!

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