• Bruno GM

    Bruno GM

    Participates in modern corporate life and rediscovered himself in sport. Suffers daily in both, taking the occasional pleasure in writing while traveling.

  • Perspectives


    Life is everything, not just a niche. 2x writers, 2x perspective

  • Leonardo Silvestri

    Leonardo Silvestri

  • Tim Varner

    Tim Varner

    Intriguing creativity with a darkened sense of belonging

  • Sagar Patel

    Sagar Patel

    Udacity Google India Scholar for Android | Actively looking for a job | 4.5 Years of relevant experience | Immediate join | Let us learn together

  • Aadarshkt


  • Pranav Lathigara

    Pranav Lathigara

    Android,Kotlin, Flutter, IoT, Learner

  • Himanshu Dubey

    Himanshu Dubey

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