Confused?! — It's ok!

Confused?! it's our version of a Charades Game.

We felt the need to create our own version because, as we also played a lot o Charades, we never found a version to fulfill all our needs.

What have we changed?

Here are a few things:

  • You can now change the game time; the number of players can affect the rhythm of your game
  • We removed the video that, in some versions, were showed to you at the end of a game round because they could fill your phone memory. Instead we give you the option to take photos during the game- you can save only the ones you like
  • More Game Cards

Confused?! have 10 basic game cards:

  • Movies
  • Actions
  • Characters
  • Tv Series
  • Stars
  • Music
  • Actors
  • Dance
  • Animals
  • Cartoons

Install it and Have Fun!

If you have any suggestions, we are glad to hear them!




We are Android Developers.

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We are Android Developers.

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