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Everything in our life can be improved, even our brain. Of course, there is a limit to it, but there is a long way until you reach it.

Humans always wondered how other people can learn faster and retain that information for a longer period of time. We actually developt techniques in order to learn faster and more efficiently. Maybe the most famous is The Feynman Technique. But we won’t talk about it here.

Besides all of there, the scientist took a deeper look into smaller thing that they suspected they must have an effect. …

The first thing to mention is that we write these articles as we are still working on creating and improving the app. These series of articles will try to cover both the concept and the technical part.

The app is at the moment called Unbore Me!

First step

Creation requires ideas, or at very least problems to solve and that`s always our starting point. The concept behind Unbore Me was inspired by a random and annoying thing: one of us ran out of hot water as he was trying to take a shower.

The concept: if bad things can happen randomly and…

We looked at our apps and found some cool features that would be good to monetize for people who want something extra, without affecting our app normal functionality. So we decided to add in-app purchases in our apps and with that, we learned some things, the hard way (by looking up stuff on stack overflow and weird forums).

To show you some of the challenges we’ll use Habit Coach as an example, which is available in Google Play if you want to check it out and leave us feedback.

You need to add licensed testers

This took some time to figure out. Everything was put into…

Many times I found myself searching the difference between Map and SwitchMap, and for some reason, I couldn’t get the hang of it and when I should use each of them.

So, I’ll play around with them a little to see how to use them what is the difference between them. For me, at first glance, it didn’t seem like a big difference.

Either for the branding or to make the app look cooler or different, you might wonder how to change the font across the whole app? And all this in one go, without setting something for each view. So let’s do a step by step with this.

I made a simple app that has a list of articles from (some of the articles are quite funny) and a details screen for the article that it looks like this:

Step 1. Download the font

What I did, was go to Google Fonts and download a font. When I pick a font I look for one that…

Confused?! it's our version of a Charades Game.

We felt the need to create our own version because, as we also played a lot o Charades, we never found a version to fulfill all our needs.

What have we changed?

Here are a few things:

  • You can now change the game time; the number of players can affect the rhythm of your game
  • We removed the video that, in some versions, were showed to you at the end of a game round because they could fill your phone memory. Instead we give you the option to take photos during the game- you can save only the ones you like
  • More Game Cards

Tracking tools and apps for self-coaching

As soon as you log in by creating a new account (or log in with Google) you have the opportunity to quickly estimate some of the most important aspects of your life using a chart that we shaped like a Rainbow. Does aspects are: Relationship, Family, Health, Work, Personal Development, Free Time.

The goal is to complete the Rainbow

And a little secret> in a feature version we plan to make the Rainbow adapt automatically to your Habits, Moods and Goals.

Next, on the first screen of the app you can complete your profile by adding a picture and, if you prefer, set your Mantra.

Once you do that you will notice one of the features we talked about earlier: The Mood Bar.

How we turned one idea into a Business

Here is Daniel, one of the co-founders of Ganduraci and its writer, content creator. Alongside my business partner and friend, Rares, who is an Android Developer, we decided to share with you our journey from idea to product.

We are from Romania and we are not older than 27.

Few years ago we were both on our own jobs and careers, trying to become our own bosses. Of course, on our own, we both failed :))

One afternoon, while I was reading The 4 Hour Work -Week, one simple question crossed my…

If you’re using notifyDatasetChanged() for lists, maybe this article will show you how to improve your list’s adapter by using DiffUtil.

At first, when I heard about DiffUtil I felt it was a little overwhelming that I had to override a class and some methods, but it really is easier than you might think, and the result looks much cooler than notifyDatasetChanges().

What is DiffUtil?

As per documentation:

DiffUtil is a utility class that calculates the difference between two lists and outputs a list of update operations that converts the first list into the second one.

DiffUtil uses Eugene W. Myers’s difference algorithm…


We are Android Developers.

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