5 secrets behind fast learning

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Everything in our life can be improved, even our brain. Of course, there is a limit to it, but there is a long way until you reach it.

Humans always wondered how other people can learn faster and retain that information for a longer period of time. We actually developt techniques in order to learn faster and more efficiently. Maybe the most famous is The Feynman Technique. But we won’t talk about it here.

Besides all of there, the scientist took a deeper look into smaller thing that they suspected they must have an effect. They believed that around us are even more things that can make a difference and they started, well…proving it through science.

Here is what they found:

  1. Always clean your desk or space where you want to study.

Having all the materials you need around you won't make you wander around your room thinking where something that you need might be. Also, it useful to remove any object that can cause a distraction.

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2. The colors that are within your eyesight matter.

We have a natural instinct when it comes to colors and we associate them with different feelings and moods. Cold or darker colors make us, if not sad, then more willing to somehow do anything else.

Surround yourself with warm colors or warm tones. Yellow has been proven to be the most effective at is increases focus.

3. Learn during the day and try not to face any window.

First, natural light works far better for our eyes.

Second, the outside world can be destructive. If it's a beautiful day, you will really hate the fact that you have to study instead of going outside. If it's rainy… Eh, we all know how a rainy day makes us feel.

4. Music, or more precise, rhythm it’s a booster

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Yes! Music does help! But it either is the music you like the most or a steady, precise rhythm, like baroque music.

Here are some nice baroque music compositions

Chill! If you don’t like baroque music, try a 60/bpm metronome.

5. The last thing is temperature

Ideally, the room temperature should be somewhere between 18–24°C, or 64 -75° F.

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There are even more tricks that you can use in order to learn faster. We have put them together in our habit tracking app called Habit Coach.

Now only you get to the secret of faster learning, but you can you the app to mark down your progress. The app is Free to use.

Hope you learn something useful! Best of luck!



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